5 Great Do-It-Yourself Acne Treatments

Looking for a fast solution to your acne woes? You probably already have some very effective treatments lying around your kitchen or bathroom. Try these 5 tried-and-true home treatments to keep breakouts under control (and check out http://fairejeune.com/lifecell-skin-review/ for more).

1) Honey

Honey is a powerful, all-natural bacteria fighter, and it helps speed up the healing process as well. This makes it an excellent spot acne treatment. Use a cotton swab to dab honey onto blemishes and leave it in place for a half-hour.

2) Cucumber

Cucumber has a long history of use in skin care, and it’s packed with useful nutrients (including vitamins A, C, and E) that can clear your skin and reduce the risk of breakouts. Apply bits of cucumber directly or mix grated cukes with oatmeal to create a facial mask.

3) Garlic

One of the best natural antiseptics available, garlic makes a great impromptu treatment for acne outbreaks. Just slice a clove in half and rub it onto your blemishes, making sure to express the juice. Rinse the garlic off after five minutes.

4) Lemon Juice

Both the acid and the vitamin C in lemons are excellent for treating acne. Lemon juice can be swabbed directly onto breakouts or mixed with cinnamon to make an overnight facial mask. Use real freshly-squeezed juice instead of store-bought juice in order to avoid harmful preservatives.

5) Toothpaste

Don’t have a facial mask handy? Daub on a little toothpaste to soak up extra moisture and remove unwanted oil. Make sure you don’t use whitening products, though; these may contain hydrogen peroxide.

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